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A Stitch Above the Rest specializes in computerized embroidery services. With over 15 years of experience, we pride ourselves on our elevated standards, quality products, excellent customer service and quick turn around time. Our goal is to continue to grow with our customers and to never forget they are responsible for our success. 


Diane Knupp started A Stitch Above the Rest in 1990. Diane then added Sandee Petersen to the team in 2003. Sandee later became partner in 2005 and finally took over the business in 2009. Today A Stitch Above the Rest is owned solely by Tricia Helmers.


​Adding embroidered letters, logos and artwork to garments - or just about any product made of fabric - is the specialty of our team at Stitch Above the Rest. We do a lot of embroidery for businesses - polos, letter jackets, shirts, etc. Anything can be customized. We also do a lot of baby blankets, hats, coats, etc.


A Stitch Above the Rest has a large number of commercial clients, but also welcomes individual customers who may need only an item or two embroidered. In addition to doing the embroidery, we can help customers develop a design that meets their needs. We can design it with the colors you want and print it out on whatever product you so choose.


We have fast turnaround times, as quick as same-day if needed. We pay attention to detail. We have no minimum orders. We have a variety of products. We do not do alterations. We look forward to doing business with you, thank you for visiting our website! 


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